Let’s be honest, finding work as a student that also allows you to focus on your studies, is challenging. Luckily, I am working at Foody!

I started working at Foody some months ago (March of 2019), as part of the night shift customer support team. Meanwhile, I was on my last semester at the University, as an undergraduate psychology student.  

Working and studying at the same time, can create stress and at times it makes you feel tired, especially at the very first steps of this effort.

When University assignments started to pop up, I found myself stressing over my deadlines.

Although, I also found myself surrounded by supportive team members, who reinforced my efforts in balancing between the two and backed me up when needed. 

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In other types of jobs, it might be challenging to keep your studies a priority, but at Foody it’s not. The team culture itself values continuous learning throughout life, and studying is just another part of this process.  

It may be the first time on a job that I feel my thinking process and some aspects of my personality, were the two qualities that contributed (to a major degree) in earning a position in this team.  

But the biggest advantage of this, is that once you join the team, you find yourself among people with a similar mentality and perspective. People with whom you can engage in real conversations even if it’s just to debate over opposing perspectives. 

While other jobs are so fixated on following the rules/guidelines which were decided long ago by higher-ups, and any form of an opposing opinion is dismissed, at Foody guidelines are just a prototype of a thinking process which can be edited – either by one team member or by the whole team. 

If you would like to be a part of an open minded team who provides flexibility according to your schedule, and allows you to focus on your studies, this position is for you 🙂

You can send us your CV along with a message at [email protected] 😉