Let me introduce myself, I’m Natalia, the newest of the Visual Designers at I2L. This is my first blog post of hopefully many:) Warning, you’re entering my wacky streamline of thoughts and then diving deeper into my even wackier streamline of thoughts.

Being a member of an awesome and growing team, I find myself wondering how we can grow together. But before I discuss how we can manage that, I will explain why you ‘re reading this, why I’m writing this, why this blog post exists.

Inevitably here at I2L we find ourselves chatting about VARIOUS stuff, from our troubles to chitchat. The main outcome of these chats, other than bonding, is that I realise each and everyone of us is really really really good at something.

This something varies from baking to listening skills to acting. It’s truly surprising and quite unnerving how we somehow manage to hide these skills, when it comes to the workplace.

Here in I2L, I have realised that I am really really really good at asking WHY and then (if I can) SOLVING that why. This realisation never had it formed itself to me before I joined I2L.

I knew I was good at getting things fixed (day to day stuff) but never had I thought how, this skill, would impact my career. I see myself, everyday, learning new stuff and branching into new fields.

So how do we share these skills – which, in my opinion, then translate to learning – to others within our team or even outside of it? A couple of months ago I had a chat with Argyris where he asked me to find a way to share the learning among our peers.

In this journey of mine to find the way, I decided to break it down to 2 audiences, to have a starting point: Myself and Peers. Hoping this breakdown will bring an epiphany to solve both cases:)

Let’s head back to what I previously said (bragged) about my newfound skills. It’s known between the team, that I ask A LOT of questions. So I listed the most recent questions (at least the ones I remember) and reviewed the list.

Filtered out questions that could be answered in a single sentence and then was left with questions that could be elaborated on (between you and me, these are the questions that caused the biggest hullabaloo).

So, here is the catch, they can be answered by simply Googling them BUT WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT! Appreciating the time and effort (and patience), my peers took to answer these whys, I decided that I’m gonna elaborate on these answers, in the form of blog posts.

The elaborations will be derived ONLY from what was said in conversation with them. This means no googling/no reading/no outsourcing, just what was derived from the discussion.

I’m not entirely sure any of the parties involved will benefit from this annoying decision, but the idea of LEARNING, not just answering, from my teammates, seems like a damn good idea:) I’m hoping this method will sort of merge one’s mind into the other’s.

To explain better what I mean by merging: It’s really important to emphasize that the take away from this method is: The learning will be explained in a way that will be relatable to all peers.

So let’s say I ask George, our CTO,  “What is a server?”. After I get the techy answer I will try to break my mind, to find ways, to put it in simple language, for everyone in the team to understand. Yes, most of us probably know what a server is, but keyword here is most.

I’m not suggesting everyone know everything but hoping it will create an itch (encourage team members to ask why/help) and making sure there’s someone out there who will scratch it (encourage team members to offer help/insight/converse)!

Ending this blog post here, as I’ve babbled enough 🙂 I will see you again here, with my first learning, soon!