Below you can find the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Alphamega orders. We suggest reading them as it’s always helpful to know what to expect.

When will my order be delivered?

Your ordered is usually delivered within the day. You will soon receive an SMS with the confirmation of the order by the store that will include when your order will be delivered. Of course if there is any problem we will contact you immediately.

What if an Item I ordered is not in Stock?

Items often run out of stock. As soon as a store runs out of an item, they deactivate that product on Foody to prevent other orders from including it. Nevertheless, it still happens sometimes to order a product that is out of stock.

When ordering through Foody you have the ability to indicate if you want the item to be replaced with a similar item (of lower value so that you are not charged more) or if you prefer to exclude the item from your order and receive a refund.

The final price you will pay is the price shown on the Invoice issued by Alphamega in your grocery bags. The difference between what you paid and the final invoice will be refunded to you within 24 hours by Foody, and you should expect to see the refund in your account within 3 working days.

What if an order is not delivered on time?

The Foody and Alphamega teams are doing their best to deliver all orders on time. If your order is not delivered within the time frame that was communicated on Foody, please wait for one more hour. If the order is still not delivered please contact Alphamega at 77000088 to ask about your order.

Please note that the Foody team has no information on the Status of your order.

What if an Item is missing from my order?

If an item that you are charged on your invoice is missing from your order please send an email to the Alphamega team at [email protected] and they will verify and refund the amount.

But I really want this item , can I have it delivered later?

We are doing our best to help as many customers as possible but unfortunately this is not possible due to the very high volume of orders. Missing items can only be refunded. You can add this item to your next order

Can I add something to my order after it’s send to the store?

Unfortunately no changes can be made to an order after it’s sent to the store.

Can I save an order to My Basket?

There is not a specific way or mechanism that can save your order. However, if you don’t proceed with an order, the items remain in your basket for 3 days.

How are frozen goods delivered?

Frozen goods are delivered in special Ice bags/boxes.

We hope that the above was helpful. If you are wondering when Alphamega will start delivering to your area, you can read all about it: Alphamega: Started delivering – Coming soon to your area

Thank you and Stay Safe 🧡

The Foody team

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