The Lebanese people are going through difficult times, after the explosions in the Port of Beirut on August 4th.

In an effort to contribute to the collective assistance that had been organized in Cyprus, the online store “Stand By Lebanon” was created, where anyone could send some products from the Alphamega Hypermarkets to Beirut.

Through the campaign that was organized at Foody, 20 tons of essential products (dry food, sanitary ware, etc.) were collected from a total of 600 donations. The products have already been sent to Beirut by the Greek Navy ship “Ikaria”.

The response to this effort from Foody users has been extremely moving and all we can say is a big “Thank you” to everyone.

The products have been send to Beirut, in cooperation with Alfamega Supermarkets, and the International Red Cross as well as the Lebanese Red Cross will distribute them to the people in need.